Saeco Royal Professional

Bring the coffeehouse directly into your home, business or small office with Saeco’s super automatic Royal line of espresso machines.

With all of the programmable features available, the Royal Professional is one of Saeco’s most impressive machines. The LCD display and programmable push-button technology make it easy for anyone to become a barista.

Whole beans are perfectly ground, tamped, brewed and discarded into a used grounds container. Use the steam wand or the built-in Cappuccinatore to easily froth milk directly into your cup and the bon temp-heating surface will make sure that your espresso or cappuccino cups are always warm and ready to go whenever you need them.

  • Fully automatic professional machine, modern and elegant, maximum technology for an excellent coffee and cappuccino.
  • At the touch of a button, it grinds whole beans doses, tamps and extracts authentic espresso, complete with a thick golden cream.
  • Electronic control panel and alpha-numeric crystal display permits you to select one or two cups of coffee at a time with three programmer cups settings, choice of language, espresso temperature, descaling function, and counter to verify the number of coffee’s made.
  • Equipped with pre-infusion and advanced grinding capabilities, controlled cup-warming surface, energy saving mode, built-in adjustable burr grinder from 5 to 9 grams, by-pass doser for preground coffee(e.g. decaffeinated coffee), swivel support, removable water tank and a removable patented exclusive Saeco brewing unit for easy cleaning and with a 5 year guarantee.
  • Offering both speed and simplicity this machine can brew espresso and froth milk instantly thanks to its double-boiler system. A choice of an automatic “cappuccinatore” or the basic “pannerllo”(optional) to foam milk or get hot water for tea or tisane.
  • “Cappuccinatore” is easy to use, it enhances frothing by automatically pulling milk directly from a container and dispensing the heated, frothed milk into a cup.