Avalon the Total 1

A Hybrid Bean to Cup Solution!

Cafection’s Total 1, the most complete Coffee Kiosk guaranteeing freshly brewed coffee available 24/7. Ideal for the most demanding coffee programs.

The Total 1 has 3 whole bean hoppers, 3 soluble canisters, an interactive screen and an optional built in receipt module.

With the Total 1 brewer, you get a perfect cup each time

  • 3 Cup sizes – Between 5 to 20oz
  • 3 Brew strengths
  • Selection of 3 Whole Bean Coffees, 50/50, French Vanilla, Vanilla Moka, Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Coffee, Vanilla Moka Coffee, Mokaccino, Energy Shot Coffee, Hot Shot Blend Coffee, Long Espresso, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, and Hot Water for tea.
  • Equipped with a “Whipper” to froth all your beverages
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Proven technology
  • Adjustable gram throw
  • Designed and engineered to expertly grind a bean – for optimal freshness.
  • Brewed and steeped at the perfect temperature – for maximum flavor.
  • And more new options!

The Total 1 Interface

  • A 10.4″ Touchscreen
  • Multi level screen and access levels for higher security
  • Open source based service device software
  • An intuitive menu featuring a wide array of specialty drinks
  • On-screen keyboard for easy programming: cup sizes, brew strengths, product settings and allows modifying beverage names

The Total 1 Set up Tool

  • Easy set up menu
  • On board keyboard for identifying products
  • Accessible counters
  • 4 levels of management

The Total 1 Options

  • Receipt /printer
  • Vending Methods:
    – Coin mechanism (interior mount)
    – Bill acceptor
    – Credit card
  • Base cabinet
  • Chute kit
  • Condiment and cup dispenser
  • Water pump